Sherwood A. Burton(non-registered)
I am from the east coast of Maine, Brunswick. I received a card with your web on the back from another Mainer. I am nearly 80 and have been doing the photography thing since I was 12. I have spent the last 31 years in Israel and love it except, I do miss the coast of Maine.
Jean Breheny(non-registered)
John, although I've never visited Maine, your photos allow me to get an inside view. Thank you!
Michele Uebel(non-registered)
John, You do it all You have the most amazing talents.
Dawn Simpson(non-registered)
John, your photographs are spectacular! They truly capture the beauty of Maine. I look forward to seeing more of your work throughout the four seasons of this gorgeous state!
Nancy Carroll(non-registered)
John: I've seen many of your photographs as you have posted them, but this "venue" really shows them off more beautifully. Your work is wonderful - you really have a feel for and of Maine. Thanks so much for sharing!
Dan Sullivan(non-registered)
I have been following the many wonderful shots you have posted. What an artist's eye you have.
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