Welcome to the John Kenealy Photography Blog page. Thank you for joining me on this voyage into the world of photography. I live in western Maine, and enjoy traveling around the state, camera in hand. I try to find beauty in everything around us. Often, it is in nature, but, it can also be a rusty old truck, light shining on a building in just the right way, or anything else that may catch my eye. In my Blogs, I hope to share some unique photos, and the background behind them. What the weather was like, what prompted me to take the shot, and even some technical information about the image. I also invite you to share your experiences with me and other readers.



Autumn in Maine: Anatomy of a Photograph

October 12, 2016
Maine is known for its beautiful scenery and spectacular autumn colors. When one is lucky enough to find the right spot, at the right time, with peak colors, the results...
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Scotland Adventure

September 21, 2016
I enjoyed a fabulous adventure to Scotland this past August. I took hundreds of shots, and though I have posted many, I have many still to go through. Scotland is an incr...
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Sunset Over Rangeley Lake and Bald Mountain.

December 11, 2015
This shot was taken on 12/5/2015 from Route 4 just outside of Rangeley, Maine. Maneskootuk Island is in the foreground, while 2,443' high Bald Mountain, in Ouossoc, is in...
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Brisk Day at Mount Blue State Park

December 01, 2015
This panorama titled "Snow Clouds Over Tumbledown" was taken on 11/29/2015 from the base of Center Mountain in Mount Blue State Park in Western Maine. The temperature was...
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Fall in Freeport

November 16, 2015
Freeport and Casco Bay are beautiful any time of year, but autumn makes the seascape explode with color! Rockweed, which is often a drab green, fairly glows a rich golden...
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