Fall in Freeport

November 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

Tree and ShoreTree and Shore Freeport and Casco Bay are beautiful any time of year, but autumn makes the seascape explode with color! Rockweed, which is often a drab green, fairly glows a rich golden-orange in the autumn sun, as does the marsh grass. The air was crisp, fresh, and clear on this mid October day. The sky, with deep blues, and puffy white clouds, was amazing, as it often is this time of year. When people visit Freeport, Maine, they tend to think of L. L. Bean, shops, and outlet stores, and not the coast. The shore here fills me with a sense of serenity, and I'm sure it will do the same for you! This shot was taken with a zoom lens at 25mm (35 mm equivalent of 41 mm) with a polarizing filter, ISO 400, f13.0, at 1/320 second shutter speed. I balanced the ISO for depth of field and ISO for a quick shutter, taking into account the polarizing filter. I hope that you enjoy this image!


Dawn Simpson(non-registered)
Now this is an example of a picture perfect day!! Stunning!
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